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My approach to each ChalkGranny Chalktastic is very personal.

During the initial booking process, I ask each client to tell me what the occasion is: Birthday? Anniversary? Graduation? 

What are the recipient’s interests?: What are their Hobbies? Favorite colors? Favorite Movies or TV shows?

Often I purchase specific BOOKS for design inspiration and reference, which I gift to the recipient afterwards.

At this point, I have a created thick ringbinder with colorful images from each design, for future reference. (Lately, Rainbow Unicorn Pegasus images have been VERY popular with the 5 year old set!!)

I always ask if this Chalktastic a surprise or an interactive experience, sometimes kids like to art direct.

I always bring some chalk for them and ask them what THEY would like to see.

These interactive designs might take a little longer, but they are SO MUCH FUN!

For surprises, I like to arrive at dawn, or when the recipient is not home, and within 2 hours, my stealth Chalktastic is complete.

I am like the BANKSY of Chalk Artists

If the design is interactive, I always wear a mask, and request the child stay 10 feet away during the chalking.

All I request is a clean swept cement space away from sprinklers and dogs.
Aggregate, brick and paver surfaces are not ideal.

Recently, several clients have asked for a paper copy of the designs suitable for framing.

This custom creation is always an option for an additional fee.

These lovely frame-able original drawings echo the Chalktastic, are created on high quality watercolor paper 14 X 17, or 18″ X 24″ with a combinations of watercolors, Prismacolor pencils and bright colorful sharpies, often with metallic gold marker accents.

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ChalkGranny will bring the fun, fantasy and JOY to your sidewalk or event! 

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